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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

New Goodies & Layering Jewelry

This afternoon, I came home from work and there was a sticky note on my door saying that UPS came by and left a package for me in the office. My first and only thought was, "SHOES!" - and yes indeed, my Jeffrey Campbell Lita boots have arrived! After picking up my package, I checked my mailbox, and to my pleasant surprise, the new Urban Outfitters catalogue was staring at me. New shoes AND new reading/obsessing material. Not such bad things to come home to.

Clearly even the shoebox is a work of art, complete with its own kitschy crossword puzzle. Love it.

They're perfect! And SUPER comfortable. I remember reading in reviews online how comfy these shoes are, but seriously, when you put them on, you forget you're wearing heels. Until you stand next to someone in flats, of course... in which case, you're quickly reminded how huge of a platform these shoes actually have. I am already obsessed and cannot wait to wear these with something fabulous.

One more thing I'm stoked on right now is my new Michael Kors rose gold watch, which I just purchased yesterday. I had been wanting a gold men's-style watch for a long time, but I could never set my heart on one in particular until I found this gorgeous thing. I can already tell you that I'll probably be wearing it daily, because the rose gold is so versatile and can be paired with just about any other type of jewelry. 
Speaking of jewelry, I've been seeing lots of layering with bracelets and necklaces everywhere lately. So today I threw on a few bracelets with my new watch, and voila - instant eye-catching goodness. 

From left to right - Grey and gold grommet bracelet: my boyfriend's. Grey braided/beaded bracelet: Banana Republic. Rose Gold watch: Michael Kors. Pearl, rhinestone, and chain bracelet: Forever 21. Pink and gold Indian-style bracelet: Banana Republic.

I so love this look. It draws attention to the arms, which are such a sexy part of the body, especially during summer when you can get away with wearing arm-bearing clothes on the regular. Embrace this look and go dig through your jewelry box... Start layering, and you might be surprised by all of the cute combinations you can come up with. The more bracelets, the better. That's the whole point of this look - it's unexpectedly adorable.

Hope everyone is having a happy Wednesday!

Natalie Delaine

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