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Monday, July 18, 2011

Bare Midriffs & New Nails

Alright, so typically, when I hear the phrase "bare midriff", the first thing that comes to mind is the tacky 1990s-style bare midriffs that we all could have done without. But this summer, the bare midriff has made a comeback, in a much more tasteful, stylish light. At first I was afraid of the idea of showing a little bit of tummy skin, because like most girls, I do get insecure sometimes. Once I tried it out, however, I became hooked.
The trick to getting this look right is to choose tops that are more loose-fitting, because it gives off more of a hippie vibe as opposed to a little-too-close-to-skanky vibe. There are some tighter fitting tops that can be an exception to this rule, but they either need to be paired with jeans or long skirts, rather than shorts or mini skirts, to keep the sexiness at a good level and to still leave something to the imagination. No one wants to see you walking around half-naked looking like you just stepped out of the pool, rather than a fashion spread. Here are a few tops that I purchased this year that have been staples of my weekend wardrobe for summer.

Black and white striped sweater: Mink Pink from Macy's.
Red tank: Urban Outfitters
Yellow top: Free People
Jeans: Express
I've become a huge fan of this look. It makes me think more "1970s hippie-chick" rather than "1990s raver-princess", which is a great thing. Also, the best way to play off the look is by not showing more than a few inches of skin. Once it gets higher than that, it starts to look borderline tacky. So just keep it simple and add a little bit of subtle sex-appeal to your outfit... it's summer, you're allowed to show a little more skin!
To be more work-appropriate, pair these types of tops with high-waisted pants, which are also making a big comeback this season.

This morning I went to see my nail tech, and she did a fantastic job giving me a new custom glittery coral/pink solar color!

I decided to stick to the ring finger trend and paint just those nails a different color when I got home. I chose another glittery pink, but a much softer version. I love the way the two colors look together.

Ring finger polish: Princesses Rule by OPI

I'm about to head to mall to do a little browsing for NAHA. I now have 12 days left, so I need to get down to business and find something to wear! Hope everyone is having a happy Monday!

Natalie Delaine


  1. ive been wanting some tops just like that! that b/w one is sooooo damn cute! i sadly had one of those gross 90s bare mid drift prom dresses :'( whyyyyyy?!!

  2. Hahah hey, we've all had style mishaps and mistakes, don't worry! I had my hair permed at one point. so I think we're even.

    go get you some crop tops!

  3. I was thinking of buying that yellow top from Free Peeps. But now that I see it on you, Im getting it for sure :)


  4. Go get it, Xiomy! It's seriously the most comfy top ever. EVER!